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"I wanted to make sure I made something at the end of the day I could hold my head up and say, it has integrity." Though the challenges have gotten familiar over the years -- the mise-en-place relay, Restaurant Wars, reinterpreting classics -- they are no less daunting.Under intense time constraints, the chefs might have to wrestle with alligator (dead, but still) or haute up Spam.You know, when those displays come out, everyone jets to it.Being the guy who’s like, “Oh, I’ll wait till he gets out of the way” can hinder you from getting something you really want, so if I could go back and jump over people to get stuff, I would. For now, I’m embracing working underneath Jean-Georges [at Matador in Miami]."When you go on 'Top Chef,' it's the cream of the crop of upcoming chefs around the country," says Mike Isabella, a Little Ferry native who was the runner-up in the first "Top Chef: All-Stars" and who now runs a growing restaurant empire in Washington, D. "'Chopped,' you use stupid ingredients, hot dogs for breakfast.'Cutthroat Kitchen,' you're standing on your head when you cook....But he doesn't hesitate to play the "Top Chef" card when necessary -- like when kitchen staff complains about a seemingly tight deadline for a catering gig."A week to cater an event -- what's hard about this? On "Top Chef," he and his three teammates once catered a wedding for 125 guests for ,500, with only 14 hours to plan, shop, prep and cook. "'Top Chef,'" Talde says, "gives you this belief in your head that you can do anything." Talde is also part of an ever-expanding network of chefs around the country, and especially concentrated in the tri-state area, who have translated reality show fame, often the most fleeting, into a thriving career.

As the cult of the celebrity chef grew, the Food Network launched its own version in 2005.

I think it was my life in a nutshell as a culinarian.

It used some of the oldest techniques I’ve learned and it was a collaboration with new techniques. Plus, I think pommes soufflées had been only done on one other time.

Talde Jersey City, an offshoot of the chef's Brooklyn original, distills the man himself: The food is proudly Asian-American, equally inspired by the Filipino standards of his childhood kitchen in Chicago and the all-American food he craved outside it.

The space itself has a sheen of kitsch -- paper lanterns, painted Chinese ceramics -- layered over an industrial aesthetic, raw wood and poured concrete.

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