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Even though they had driven hundreds of miles and were even in a different state she still feared that the cult would catch up with them.

Chet was older was much older than she—actually twenty-seven years older.

She had sneaked out of the second story room where they were keeping her by tying her sheet to the bed, tossing it out the window and sliding down before dropping the last five feet to the ground.

She had no idea of time but knew that everybody in the house was sleeping. She knew she had to find a way to put more distance between the cult and herself before they woke up if she had any chance of being successful in her escape. Edging up the small embankment she peeked down the straight road.

Closing her eyes she heard the squeal of juddering tires and smelled the smoke of hot rubber.

Then, as she felt the heat from the truck’s radiator she heard the truck’s engine ease to a slow idle.

By the time she had run the mile and a half to the low bridge over U. She had to take the chance and ran to the middle of the highway and waved her arms in wide arcs.

Hiding under the low bridge she knew it was only a matter of time before the Seeders would find her there.It was cold but not freezing and she only had access to the sweater she had been wearing since the Seeders took her from her home two days ago. Two headlights pierced the darkness as the noise of a heavy vehicle grew more distinct.Bursts of white steam exploded from her mouth as she ran toward the highway. “Dear Lord,” she whispered, “Let it be one of those big trucks.” As it neared she saw that it was a semi pulling a forty foot trailer.Looking over at him she couldn’t stop herself from saying it again, “I still can’t believe that you picked me up and are STILL letting me ride with you Chet; you’re so NICE to me.” Earlier in the day he dropped off a load in Memphis and picked up another one on his way to Los Angeles.Just after crossing the Tennessee border he stopped at the Transportation Centers of America truck stop on US40 in Earle, Arkansas so they could take a shower.

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SHIT, he thought, knowing that any kind of involvement in this weird community could get him into trouble with these unexplainable people.

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