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The obvious effect is to make the woman several inches taller, and her legs appear longer especially if she is wearing a short skirt.Now Grace was not a very tall girl to begin with, so an extra six inches was a very noticeable increase of height for her.The message window popped up with a message from his female colleague. Which he promptly responded back, by typing on his keyboard. Graces felt the tip of her ears and the back of her neck growing hot when she saw Roystons words flashing on her screen. Several men on the floor all stopped what they were doing and looked her way, staring at the delectable ass and legs of the petite bombshell. From the corner of her eye, Grace also noticed a few men who were looking their way. But recently I noticed youve been dressing well very sexily..She peered up from her computer to check that nobody would accidentally see her mouth crammed full if they walked by her cubicle. She was already one of the prettiest executives in the company - confident, capable, sexy and with an ambition to match. Grace turned around and saw that it was Ming, from Mr Kos department. Ming asked, glancing at the staircase in the foyer which led to the second floor where Grace sat in the office. you know Um yes Grace nodded, finally seeing where the conversation was leading to. Ming pulled down the material of Graces skirt that had ridden up her thighs.

Amazingly, Grace did not spill any coffee into the saucer at all, finally reaching Roystons office.

With her hands full, she could not pull down her skirt, and she was afraid that she might drop the cup if she tried to transfer it to one hand now.

Grace decided she was almost at the top already, so she continued climbing the staircase.

The whole outfit made her out to be the office slut. This was the day when Royston first made her wear the six-inch heels, probably the most symbolic of her becoming the office slut ** 13 days ago: THE HEELS.

Grace walked across the foyer in the office, holding a coffee cup and saucer in her small hands.

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Six pairs of male eyes watched her as she made her way slowly up the staircase to the upper floor, carrying the coffee.

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