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Virtualization software can essentially turn one computer into several.

We'll show you how virtualization works, what it can be used for, and a few virtual software packages for your nonprofit or library.

The best time to refresh hardware, however, is different for every business. Although it won't directly impact a server's service life, virtualization can extend refresh cycles by making the server's computing resources available to more workloads, and allowing workloads to be migrated on-demand between server hardware platforms.

And unlike physical environments, virtualized data centers don't necessarily need to upgrade hardware to support new or updated software.

Imagine only being able to run one software program at a time on your computer.

What if, in order to check your email, you had to turn off your office application?

What if you had to close your PDF reader in order to use the Internet?

While we take for granted that we can use more than one software application at a time, we seldom consider running more than one operating system at once.

Better reliability results from features such as card- and-component-level hot swapping, memory sparing, memory mirroring, advanced error correction, data bus error correction code and other self-correcting capabilities within the processor cores.Better performance results from faster memory and next-generation processors, along with servers containing more processor cores and larger memory capacity.Investigate new memory types, processor instruction set enhancements (such as the introduction of Intel-VT for hypervisor support), GPUs for servers, faster network ports and so on.In this case, it makes sense to spend the money for a newer system with a contracted period of support included.Virtualization's decoupling of workloads and their underlying hardware has reduced dependence on support contracts.

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In contrast, a network port expansion card can be added to a server for very little cost.

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