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After it was delayed again, the researchers released part of it to.

“It is intolerable and unethical that a scientific study is embargoed because of political manoeuvring to launch an official government plan.

"The risk here is that the school can actually be charged as an accomplice." The Department of Education has criticised the school for failing to suspend the teacher immediately.

It said it has opened an investigation into the matter.

Increasing incidents of sexual misconduct "The dynamics of education are becoming very difficult," said John Buswell, head of sexual education group, Rape Wise.

"I kinda get a perverse pleasure from making you horny," one of the chat messages from the teacher said.

In a statement on its website, Hyde Park High School said its governing body was satisfied acting principal Manolis Vogiatzis had dealt with the matter "as expeditiously as possible." It would not comment further, saying the matter was sub-judice.

The teacher has been charged in connection with child pornography and will appear in court.

"I wasn't informed that there was a rape at the school." Coming forward A second incident of sexual misconduct occurred in April, when three school boys were reportedly molested by an assistant sports coach on a bus trip back from a match.

One of the boys told his parents the coach had rubbed and thrust up against him and two others several times, in an extremely sexual way, pushing him to the back of the vehicle before the teenager kicked him.

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