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The Old Norse form of the city's name was Drafn, and this was originally the name of the inner part of Drammensfjord. The arms are blue with a gray/silver column on top of a foundation of rocks.

The fjord is, however, probably named after the river Drammenselva (Norse Drǫfn), and this again is derived from drǫfn f 'wave'. A key and a Viking sword are crossed in the middle forming an x.

Unfortunately only modern appliances made after the 1970's or 1980's are possible to date this way (and sometimes not even then).

This service will NOT date antique models nor even those built in the 1950's or 1960's.

For this reason, cooperation between the adjacent seaport towns was almost impossible.

In 1662, a merger was proposed to unite Strømsø and Bragernes to form a market town with the name Frederiksstrøm.

Bragernes received limited market town rights in 1715, and merged with Strømsø to gain status as a single city on 19 June 1811.For trade purposes, small seaports were placed under market towns.Despite their geographical proximity, Bragernes was placed under Christiania and Strømsø under Tønsberg.The city makes good use of the river and inland waterway called Drammensfjord, both for recreation, activities and housing.No city in the country has received as many awards for environmental and urban development as Drammen: 6 national and 2 international prizes since 2003.

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